....Yep this is Amsterdam home of coffee shops, cafes and pizza shops all right next door..you know just in case you get the munchies.

I've been to Amsterdam a couple of times now...my mom's good friend, Debbie, moved there about 6 months ago. Amsterdam is a great city - lots of canals, great Indonesian food, excellent exchange rate for the US$, nice people, a great musem - The Rjeksmuseum. ..be careful of bikes though I would compare the bike navigation to that of driving in Italy.


This is a must see if you're there in the spring or very early summer. Kuekenhof is a garden right outside of Amsterdam that's a showcase for the country's beautiful tulips and daffodils just to name a few.

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The City

Bldg1.jpg - 30.5 K The main sites of the city are located fairly close together and there are several neat things to see. The most popular attractions are the Rjekesmuseum, the Anne Frank House and of course the infamous Red Light District..all of which I must agree are must sees. My sister was recently in Amsterdam for Queens Day which I was told was "absolutely insane"...I'll have to try to make it next year =)