Wow....I mean wow....as I drove into the Jungfrau region, back into the valley, my mouth just hung open as I was looking onto snowcapped mammoth peaks...absolutely incredible. I knew that the Alps were going to be beautiful and I had pretty high expectations that were easily exceeded.

I stayed in a city called Murren, a small car-free village at 1645m, to get there I had to take a funicular car that went straight up the side of the mountain and then catch another train to Murren. I talked to a couple visiting from Scotland on the way up and they said they had been coming to this mountain range once a year for the last 30 years because it was so pretty.

Needless to say when I finally got to Murren the last thing I was going to do was stay inside...the hills were calling me...never mind my cramped driving legs begging me to stretch them out. I threw my backpack inside the room, put my hiking boots, sunglasses and walking shorts on and I was outta there.

All of the pictures on this page are from my day one hike, the exception is the picture with the sunbeams , I took that one early Sunday morning. As you can see there were things other than the mountains that were keeping me amused...this snail probably would have been a goner if I were an escargo lover.

From where I was walking the mountains were to my southeast...the tallest peaks are Monch, Eiger and Jungfrau...more about these guys in the following pages.

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