The Gang View of Verona

Verona was a total surprise I didn't even know where it was until we started trying to find an Italian destanation that had a reasonably priced airfare...and Verona was the choice. Verona is about 2 hours west of Venice and I believe about an hour or 2 southwest of Milan. Well I knew we were in for a treat when we flew over the Dolimites and landed a couple of minutes later. The picture to the left is of the travel gang...we also all went to Prague together - Kevin, Marianne, myself and the man behind the camera Steve.

Bridge Arena Fountain
Verona was a cute, cobblestoned town which is still for the most part undiscovered by the hordes of tourists found in other Italian cities. There was a coliseum that is still used for special events, churches, beautifully painted buildings and of course lots of piazzas.

More of Verona

Just to give thanks, all of these pictures were taken Steve and Kevin